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Autel MaxiAP AP200 Bluetooth Auto OBDII Diagnostic Scan Tool for ios & Android

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Autel AP200
, as a mini-sized smartphone-compatible (Bluetooth) version of MK808 & MX808, is equipped with an OBDII diagnostic adapter that works with iOS or Android devices paired with exclusive “MaxiAP200” APP. It performs professional all-system diagnostics, 19 powerful service functions, and full OBD2 functions to diagnose efficiently and precisely, and offers the pay-as-you-go software for as low as USD15.99 (Android) or USD21.99 (iOS) a year, AutoVIN functions to quickly reveal car’s info, and the report that can be transformed as PDF file as well.

Note: this scanner works with IOS or Android devices paired with “MaxiAP200” APP.

【25 Advanced Service Functions Will DO You A Favor】

Autel AP200 car scanner integrates 25 service functions for easier various vehicle diagnosis, saving you from the dilemma of seeking repair solutions and greatly improving your work efficiency. AP200 scanner performs an all-around diagnosis to extend your vehicle’s life.
  • Oil Reset: Reset the oil life system and turn off the oil light after replacing the oil or oil filter to start a new cycle.
  • TPMS: Quickly look up the tire sensor IDs from the vehicle’s ECU, and perform TPMS replacement and sensor test.
  • EPB Reset: Maintain the electronic braking system safely and effectively by deactivating and activating the brake control system, setting brakes after disc or pad replacement, etc.
  • BMS Service: Reset the monitoring unit of the car battery after replacing a battery or a battery monitoring sensor.
  • ABS Bleeding: Bleed the air of a brake system to restore ABS brake sensitivity.
  • DPF Regeneration: Clear particulate matter from the DPF filter through continuous combustion oxidation mode to stabilize the filter performance.
  • SAS Calibration Reset: Calibrate the steering angle after replacing the steering angle position sensor and the mechanical parts of the steering system, etc.
  • IMMO Keys: Disable the lost vehicle keys and program a new replacement key fob.

 Trouble Codes DTCs】

Get engine trouble codes & their meanings right on your smartphone’s screen. Know why your engine light is on and turn it off.

  • Reads & Clear DTCs: Read DTCsand provide the codes meaning and clear them;
  • Live Data: Customize and monitor real-time parameters;
  • Freeze Frame Data: Recorded current parameters values when malfunction first occurred;
  • I/M Readiness: Test and check status of engine emission control systems;
  • VIN: Read vehicle info such as VIN, CALID and CVN.

*Most Apps can only diagnose (read & clear) generic engine fault codes.

【Real-Time Performance Gauges On Your Smartphone】

Pair your Autel AP200 Scan Tool to your MaxiAP200 App and see what your car is doing in real-time: get OBD2 fault codes, car performance gauges, live sensor data and more!

Real-time performance data include:

Engine RPM

Calculated Load Value

Coolant Temperature

Fuel System Status

Vehicle Speed

Short Term Fuel Trim

Long Term Fuel

Trim Intake Manifold

Pressure Timing Advance

Intake Air Temperature

Air Flow Rate

Absolute Throttle Position

Oxygen sensor voltages

Fuel System status

Fuel Pressure

Fuel Consumption

Trip data

Many others

*OBDII sensor gauges are vehicle dependent.

Autel AP200 Performance App】

  • MaxiAP200application is diagnostic software that is specially designed to use the OBDII Bluetooth adapter AP200 to get access to your OBD2 diagnoses the vehicle’s performance.
  • Offer one model totally free. Additional vehiclecoverage can be expanded with pay-as-you-go software for as low as USD15.99 (Android) or USD21.99 (iOS) a year.

【Easy To Setup Scan Tool】

  1. Download & install the APP- MaxiAP200 in Google Play or APP Store or by the QR code;
  2. Register & log in the MaxiAP200 APP;
  3. Purchase & install software;
  4. Plug the MaxiAP200 connector into yourvehicle’s DLC port;
  5. Turn vehicle ignition to Key On, Engine off position;
  6. Connect the device and stat the diagnosis.


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