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Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS Diagnostic Scanner with 30+ Special Service

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Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS

All-in-one Scanner, Win Your More Customers

It’s Time to Make the Right Call! Here it comes, the Autel’s A game-- The Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS!

  • Advanced ECU Coding: Match the components, enhance the vehicle performance, improve the fuel efficiency through a easy-peasy procedure.
  • Bi-Directional Control: Build a mutual communication with onboard ECUs and execute every single one of your commands
  • 30+ Special Functions: 30+ commonly used hot functions to meet the needs of daily maintenance diagnostic and reset.
  • A key to access on-board systems: ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, Brake System, Emission System, Fuel system, Light system, Wiper System..
  • Wireless Diagnosis: Conducting wireless diagnostics through VCMI module so as to set you free from entangled wires.
  • 99% of vehicles covered: Autel Scanner MP808TS is capable to diagnose almost all vehicles in the market, making it an one-for-all diagnostic scanner.
  • A painkiller for emission issues: The full OBD2 function has been packed to solve all the emission-related problems.
  • Languages support: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc.
MP808TS 30+ maintenance functions

30+Maintenance Service, Save Time and Budget

Given the continuous innovation in the automotive aftermarket, the automotive scan tool Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS has increased its special functions from 25 to 30+. And it is constantly being updated to meet new market needs.

  • Oil Reset: reset the oil life system and turn off the oil light after oil or oil filter replacements.
  • EPB: reset the brake pad after replacing the brake pad, the servo motor, etc., deactivate/activate the brake control system, assist with brake fluid control, open and close brake pads, etc.
  • TPMS: reset the tire pressure and turn off the tire pressure fault indicator.
  • BMS: reset the monitoring unit of the car battery after replacing battery or battery monitoring sensors.、Brake/ABS Bleed: bleed the brake system when the ABS system contains air to restore its braking sensitivity.
  • DPF: Regeneration: clear particulate matter from the DPF filter through continuous combustion oxidation mode to stabilize the filter performance.
  • IMMO Keys: disable the lost vehicle keys and program the replacement key fob.
  • Injector Coding: write the actual code of the fuel injection nozzle or rewrite the code in the ECU to the code corresponding to the fuel nozzle of each cylinder after replacing the ECU and the fuel injector, to accurately control or correct the fuel injection amount of each cylinder.
  • SAS Calibration: calibrate the steering angle after replacing steering related parts.
  • Suspension Level Calibration: adjust the vehicle height sensor for level calibration when replacing the vehicle height sensor or control module in the air suspension system.
  • Throttle Adaption: Initialize the throttle actuators so that the “learned” values stored on ECU are returned to the default state.
  • Sunroof Initialization: initialize the sunroof data to set the sunroof lock off, close in rain, memory function of sliding/tilting sunroof, outside temperature threshold, etc.
  • Seats Calibration: specially designed for the seats with memory functions. Match the seat after repairing or replacing the seat.
  • And more.

autel mp808ts full system diagnosis

OE-level Module Scan, Make Journey Save

The full system diagnostics give you a key to access every on-board system to root out those invisible problems such as PCM, ECM, EPS, PDM, BCM, TPM, SCCM, RADIO, etc. The Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS can read and clear codes on all systems and subsystems so as to present you a clear picture of multiple sensors in different formats. And also it empowers you to read ECU information, live data and conduct active test.

  • Read DTCs – It can access to the depth of every onboard systems to read and analysis the DTCs
  • Clear DTCs – After tune-up or changing certain components, it can clear the DTCs hidden in the ECU and kill the lights on the dashboard.
  • ECU Information – get the retrieved ECU information in detail.
  • Live Data Stream – a valuable reference to determine the specific problems accurately.

mp808ts ecu coding

ECU Coding, Easy But Never Fail

  • Part 1 ECU Coding

ECU coding is one of the criteria by which a professional mechanic is judged, but it also adds value to your business. The ECU coding allows vehicles to stop being bound by OE settings.

Tuning the ignition time, tuning the oil injection, adjusting the air intake, tuning the auto gearbox shift point, etc. These functions the others can only dream of! It’s like opening a pandora box that you don’t want to be closed! If you happen to be in the car tuning industry, the ECU coding can be a great plus and give you an edge over peers!

  • Part 2 Flash Hidden Function

The Flash Hidden function allows you to customize some of the features on the vehicles such as one-touch signal flickers, deactivate some buzzing sounds, needle sweep (Only for VW), auto-hold, etc.

  • Part 3 Guided Function

And also, the Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS provides you with the guided function especially for VW and Audi. The guided function will guide you step-by-step through the complexities of the situation. So you would have a clear picture of what to do!

maxipro mp808ts Bi-directional control

Active Test, Know the Real Issue

Before removing each control unit and component, the bi-directional control would be a better option to locate the problems. The MaxiPRO MP808TS would be a commander instead of being an order receiver of ECU.

TOP OBD2 Scanner with Advanced TPMS Functions

mp808ts autel TPMS Functions

TPMS Sensor Programming:

The Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS can program and activate 98% of TPMS sensors in the market through embedded antennae instead of conducting a complicated communication with TPMS ECU.

maxipro mp808ts TPMS Sensor Learning

TPMS Sensor Learning

Some certain vehicle models require a learning process, which means the Autel scanner will build a bridge between the TPMS sensor and onboard ECU to help the ECU read the sensor ID. There are total of 4 different learning ways for different needs. For further information, please check out the user manual.

autel maxipro mp808ts TPMS Sensor Retrofitting

TPMS Sensor Retrofitting

For vehicles that want to be retrofitted with a new TPMS modules, the Autel scanner would retrofit a TPMS module into the ECU, build the connections with the new sensors and input the sensor specifications automatically, including tier pressure, sensor ID, tire temperature, etc.

TOP OBD2 Scanner with Best Configurations

mp808ts Auto VIN & BT Connection

Auto VIN & BT Connection

The Autel MP808TS would read the VIN codes automatically instead of inputting the codes manually one by one. The BT connection can free your hands to the greatest extent possible instead of holding a tablet and entangled by the wires.

13 Multilingual Support for autel mp808ts

Multilingual Support

In order to remove the language barrier and understand the data more accurately, we've localized the system language into 18 mainstream languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc.

mp808ts Extensive Coverage

Extensive Coverage

To make sure every car drive into your garage can be your customer, we have updated the vehicle models coverage up to 1000+. By the way, the number is still growing with monthly updated.

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